What is an Online Casino Bonus?

Those who have an opportunity to take a look at online casinos may notice that many online casinos are offering bonuses. Casino bonuses are often highlighted with bold, flashing logos so that it can easily catch the attention of visitors. However, it might be possible that most of the new users get confused as these casinos are offering different types of bonuses like welcome bonuses, deposit bonus etc. In that case, a casino bonus guide comes to rescue. By following casino bonus guide on how to choose a casino, a user may come to know what kind of bonus they are being offered, when they are eligible for casino bonuses when they can cash out their bonus amount etc.

Online casinos offer different types of casinos bonuses. For instance, deposit bonuses, bonus based on specific payment process used. Other than monetary bonuses there are other forms of bonuses as well, such as free spin or turn. A casino bonus guide will let you know how you can achieve this bonus. Most users are benefitted by this bonus. Though casinos use this as an advertising tool to attract new player there is no harm to make a profit out of it.

A brief guide to welcome bonus

Most of the casino players heard about welcome bonuses which are considered as one of the prevalent casino bonuses. Online casino owner uses this as a trap to attract new customer but no doubt it is one of the attractive casino bonuses. It is often available as match option. To know more about it, a user may refer to a casino bonus guide. Here is a brief example- if an online casino website is offering 100% match on welcome bonus then a user will get similar amount as a bonus upon his initial deposit. Like one user deposited 100$ as initial deposit, the player could have $200 as an available balance to play casino. By following a casino bonus guide, you will get detail information on it. Not all online casinos offer 100% match options. Different casinos have set their own bonus percentage.

Bonus on payment method used

Some online casino websites set rules that if users make initial deposit according to their preferred payment method then they will offer a bonus. Generally, these websites prefer electronic transfer. However, each and every site have own preference. A casino bonus guide will help you in this regard. For instance, All Slots Casinos, used to offer the highest bonus if a user makes an initial deposit with Moneybookers.

Online casino bonuses considered as significant and attractive part of online gaming. If a player knows how to work on it, he can easily make most out of it. However, before entering into online casino it is advisable to go through a casino bonus guide for detailed terms and conditions.